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European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

2020 LIFE call for proposals for traditional projects - environment and resource efficiency

Please read the message on the measures relating to the COVID-19 pandemic before starting an application. The Addendum to the guidelines for applicants is now published under the LIFE2020 calls. Please check the documents listing the modifications to the guidelines for applicants and model of grant agreement due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

This call for proposals addresses the priority area "environment and resource efficiency" of the environment sub-programme.

Please follow the instructions in the application package. For general information on who can apply and FAQs, please see the respective sections.

(Dates below are indicative)


  1. 2 April 2020
    2 April 2020

    Publication of the call for proposals

  2. 14 July 2020
    14 July 2020

    Deadline for applicants to submit concept notes

  3. November 2020
    November 2020

    Notification of applicants if their concept note has been pre-selected: shortlisted applicants are invited to submit full proposals

  4. February 2021
    February 2021

    Deadline for applicants to submit full project proposals

  5. Notification of applicants
    Notification of applicants

    The dates of the evaluations will be defined at a later stage, based on this year’s experience.

  6. July 2021
    July 2021

    Signature of individual grant agreements

Application package

LIFE 2020 Environment and resource efficiency traditional projects package [zip].

LIFE2020 Addendum Guidelines for applicants Traditional Project [zip].

07.07.2020. Please note that the Model of Grant Addendum included in the zip file has been corrected (Article I.13). The LIFE2020 Addendum Guidelines for applicants lists the modifications brought to the guidelines in the context of the Covid-19 outbreak. The zip file contains also the LIFE2020 Model of Grant Agreement and its new Annex XII and a revised template for the LIFE2020 Public body declaration.

Financial and administrative guidelines (annex X to the Model LIFE Grant Agreement)
The Annex X Financial and Administrative guidelines has been updated to include the latest modifications to the Model Grant Agreement.

How to submit your concept note and proposal

You must submit your concept note and proposal via the eProposal web application.