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News article21 March 2024European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency2 min read

Mission Ocean and Waters: Safeguarding Europe's Aquatic Treasures

In a landmark moment for Horizon Europe Mission Ocean and Waters, nearly 40 projects funded under the Mission convened in Brussels at the European Ocean Days, for a week-long series of events exploring diverse marine and maritime themes. 

Mission Ocean and Waters - Forum

The first week of March, Mission Ocean and Waters coordinators from over 40 EU-funded projects gathered with representatives from the European Commission in Brussels for the first time. This gathering marked a pivotal moment of collaboration and exchange. On Monday 4 March, the meeting, attended by project leaders and EU representatives, set the stage for collaborative discussions on advancing the objectives of Mission Ocean and Waters.

The momentum continued on 5 March with the second Annual Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters Forum seizing the spotlight. This gathering served as a platform to celebrate the significant milestones achieved to date, fuelled by the endorsement of over 600 actions under the Mission Charter. Vibrant with enthusiasm, participants shared their successes, exchanged ideas, and reaffirmed their commitment to the cause.

A highlight of the forum was the unveiling of the 'EU Blue Champions' pilot scheme, signalling a new era in ocean conservation. This innovative initiative aims to identify and empower individuals and organisations at the forefront of ocean conservation efforts, providing them with the support and recognition they deserve.

In addition to the enriching discussions and presentations, attendees had the opportunity to explore an exhibition showcasing the achievements of select projects. Among them were Prep4Blue, Remedies, and Nettagplus, whose representatives shared insights and experiences with eager participants.

Prep4Blue Remedies Nettag+




As we reflect on the successes of the Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters Forum, it becomes clear that the collective efforts of committed individuals and organisations are the driving force behind meaningful change. Together, we have the power to safeguard Europe's aquatic treasures, ensuring a legacy of abundance and vitality for generations to come.

The European Ocean Days went on until 8 March with a rich programme of events such as the Blue Invest Day or the second EU Blue Parks Community Workshop.

With a 2030 target, the EU Mission "Restore our Ocean and Waters" aims to protect and restore the health of our ocean and waters through research and innovation, citizen engagement and blue investments. The Mission’s new approach will address the ocean and waters as one and play a key role in achieving climate neutrality and restoring nature.