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News article18 March 2021

CA-RES successfully supports the Renewable Energy Directive in the EU

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The Concerted Action on the Renewable Energy Directive (CA-RES) has successfully demonstrated its value in supporting EU Member States in the implementation of the Renewable Energy Directive and the achievement of the national renewable energy targets. CA-RES has helped participating national authorities to gain a better understanding of policy measures implemented by their peers, common challenges and best-practice examples. 

Since more than ten years, CA-RES has been fostering an exchange of information, experience and good practices on the implementation of the Renewable Energy Directive amongst EU Member States and other participating countries.  
CA-RES is a structured and confidential dialogue between national authorities responsible for the implementation of the Renewable Energy Directive. Participants take part in a cross-learning process and develop common approaches. 
 “The draft national integrated energy and climate plan, in its part related to heating and cooling, is undoubtedly influenced by the experience gained through the CA-RES and the examples given by member states.” (CA-RES3 participant). 
The last edition, CA-RES3, funded under H2020 Energy Efficiency, ended in December 2020 and was coordinated by the Austrian Energy Agency with the participation of EU Member States, plus Norway and Iceland. It was organised around five Core Themes in the areas of RES electricity, RES heating and cooling, guarantees of origin and disclosure, biomass mobilisation and sustainability and RES in transport.  Seven plenary meetings took place over the past four years, and attracted a high participation from countries involved with between 140 and 220 experts for each meeting.
CA-RES also sought synergies between relevant energy legislation and closely collaborated with the Concerted Actions on the Energy Efficiency Directive (CA EED) and the Concerted Action on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (CA EPBD).  
The new CA-RES4 is under preparation to ensure an effective implementation in EU Member States of the recast Renewable Energy Directive 2018/2001/EU and the upcoming revision.


Publication date
18 March 2021