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News article18 October 2023European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

Are you ready to submit your project proposal under LIFE Clean Energy Transition?

If you are preparing your LIFE Clean Energy Transition call proposal, read carefully this article before submitting it as it contains important tips.

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Projects under LIFE-2023-CET receive 95% funding support and you can submit your project ideas to 13 funding topics under the Call 2023. For some funding topics you can apply with one single entity.

Here are some important checks for proposers, which can be easily overlooked when rushing after information from partners, calculating budgets and finalising work packages.

  1. When are you planning to submit your proposal?

Remember: the call deadline is unchangeable! Don't submit your proposal at the very last minute. Do it at least two days before the 16 November 2023 (17:00 Brussels time)! Did you spot a mistake after you submitted? You can still overwrite a submitted proposal before the deadline.

  1. Is your proposal in line with the funding topic scope?

Please make sure that your project idea fits with the topic description and is particularly in line with the topic scope. If your idea is not aligned you will receive a lower score in the evaluation.

  1. Is your proposal complete?

You must complete all sections of the application form. That means the administrative forms and summarised budget (Part A), the technical description of the project (Part B) and the performance indicators (Part C). There are also mandatory annexes such as the detailed budget table and participant information.

Only for topicLIFE-2023-CET-PDA you must also include a table of investments. The annex for letters of support is optional for all funding topics.

Remember that if even only one section is missing, it will make your proposal inadmissible and will therefore not be evaluated.

  1. Have you found the right number of partners in your proposal?

You have to include at least three applicants from three different eligible countries.

However, there are exceptions to apply with a single applicant from an eligible country for a few topics (BUILDSKILLS, PDA and OSS). So, always check carefully the Call Documenfor the eligibility and admissibility conditions!

  1. How many pages does your proposal have?

Check the page limit for your proposal, which is stipulated on page 2 of the application template. For LIFE-2023-CET proposals it is 65 pagesfor Part B of the application form. Please pay attention thatyou must retain all instructions in the template. Removing the instructions may result in your proposal being considered inadmissible. On the other hand, if you exceed the page limit, any extra pages will be disregarded.

  1. Is your proposal readable, accessible and printable?

Proposals must be written in font ARIALand theminimum font size allowed is 10 points. Read the guidance on the use of fonts, margins and other page formatting that is included on page 1 of the proposal template.

Please also check out further FAQs on proposal submission under the Call LIFE-2023-CET.   

In addition, you can also consult our presentation on how to write an excellent proposal under LIFE Clean Energy Transition.

Find all information on the LIFE Clean Energy Transition Call 2023 here.

Now you are all set to submit your proposal. We are looking forward to receiving it by 16 November 2023 (17:00 Brussels time)! 


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