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European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

Interfacing with GREEN ASSIST in practice: the Beneficiary Perspective

How to place a request for advisory services?

Are you considering applying to Green Assist?

If you work on a concrete investment project located in the EU, and you are wondering what Green Assist can propose to reduce its environmental footprint, show your interest in knowing more, tell us what your project is about and our team will get in touch!

How to apply

The InvestEU central entry point constitutes the most efficient way to place a request.

The steps to follow are: 

  • Click on this link
  • Click in the yellow button reading 'Central Entry point'
  • Reply to the question that will appear on the screen
  • As you proceed with the steps above, we recommend that you follow the guidance document for introducing a request. 

CINEA might also accommodate requests received on its %20CINEA-GREEN-ASSISTatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (functional mail box). However, direct application does not guarantee a positive or swift reply. In the absence of reply, CINEA will direct such request to the InvestEU Management information System for reallocation.

Eligibility criteria

Check the list of the Admissibility and Eligibility criteria

Check out here some examples of eligible projects.

Frequently asked questions

If allocation to GREEN ASSIST or acceptance of my request is not automatic, what project maybe more likely to obtain “advisory support” from CINEA?

Green Assist will indeed apply eligibility test and will apply prioritization factors, such as the maturity of the project, the expected impact on environment, the expected enabling “greening” effect of the advisory services requests, or their replicability.

In practice, what should I expect after placing a request ? Do I have a say?

If your request demonstrates sufficient potential under the prioritization factors, you will be contacted by CINEA’ s contractor to complement information and define the scope and timeframe (workdays & deliverables) of the advisory services. The Contractor will then solicit experts from the Roster, and will arrange interviews to select the expert(s) jointly with you. Although this selection and matching will be done on objective criteria, and applying standard assurance processes, the goal is to ensure “buy-in” from both the beneficiary and the expert so that they collaborate in a smoothly,  transparent and effective spirit.

What is my contribution ? What is next?

GREEN ASSIST is funded out of the LIFE Programme and free to beneficiaries !

Your only expected contribution is that you adhere to the Beneficiary Charter. This Charter is basically a Code of conduct that spells out conditions ensuring an effective and respectful collaboration with the experts, as well as an objective feedback to Green Assist. Please have a look at the beneficiary charter here. As you can see, it mostly contains common “principles” and commitment to act in good faith!

What kind of Advisory Support can I obtain?

GREEN ASSIST will seek to catalyse all expertise in the Roster of Experts available from time to time. If you require a very specific expertise and your project demonstrates a strong potential, then CINEA and its contractor(s) will do their best efforts to quickly accommodate your expectations.  Expertise targeted in the Roster seeks to ensure a balance coverage in terms of geography, language, sectors and fields of expertise as required to validate business models, identify and recommend solutions removing financial or economic or other identified obstacles.

What are the role and responsibilities of the Commission, CINEA or the Contractor(s)? 

Their role is to manage the processes, ensuring that all ingredients are gathered. After matching and contracting of the expert(s) by the Contractor, their intermediation will be as moderate and legitimate as possible, ensuring fluid bilateral discussions between beneficiary and experts. Against this benefit, none of them can be liable to endorse the findings of the experts, nor reclaim property of the deliverables, that rests in fine with the beneficiary.

More FAQs

You can see further FAQs in this document