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Tourism 4.0 for the Black Sea


The T4BS project brings innovative co-creating and technology into tourism data-driven strategic thinking to boost the positive impacts of the sector and the growth of local socio-economic returns. For this aim, the project coordinator - Arctur, a hi-tech company located in Slovenia - introduced the use of Tourism 4.0 tools (tourism impact model, big data analysis, digitalisation, etc.) to public and private stakeholders in the Black Sea region.

The project demonstrates the potential of data analytics for tourism development and shows how a data-driven strategy can be more effective and targeted, finally leading to a sustainable use of territorial resources. Tourism 4.0 services can support the sector by identifying trends, patterns and peaks in visits, as well as “blank spots” where specific measures could be taken (cross-selling, targeted marketing, economic and policy incentives for operators, etc.) and the impact of tourism in specific locations.

Through a series of workshops with regional stakeholders, T4BS presented the benefits of the Tourism Impact Model (TIM), an award-winning pilot tool using real data to have an objective picture of the impact of tourism from different societal angles: environment, economy, culture and collaboration. Some project partners in Ukraine, Georgia and Romania have been testing TIM and acknowledged the need and the high potential of integrating data collection and analysis in support of decision-making, for better tourism flows and destinations management.

While technology is an enabler for developing targeted and innovative services and products, cooperation remains the key to boost tourism and make effective use of the tools. That is why T4BS fostered dialogue between stakeholders and organised three cycles of local events and several dissemination activities. The project supports greater understanding and usage of Tourism 4.0 technologies and provides means for achieving increased revenue streams for businesses, local governments and communities along the coastlines.

Have a look at the introductory video on the project's website and at the explanatory brochures under the Library section. Furthermore, do not miss the summary of the project's final event (including the recording and some presentations) held on 18 November 2021 in Ljubljana, where T4BS presented its findings and discussed challenges and opportunities for moving towards a greener, digital and resilient tourism ecosystem in the Black Sea region and beyond.

Additionally, for interested parties, the project has created an online T4BS declaration with the aim to strengthen collaboration between tourism stakeholders in the Black Sea region. It is based on the results and lessons learned during the project and is supported under the Common Maritime Agenda for the Black Sea.