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Smart river systems on the Hungarian Danube

view a bridge and a river
Hungarian Inland Navigation Information System

The Hungarian section of the Danube river is 417 km long and is an important part of the Rhine-Danube TEN-T Core Network Corridor. As part of the TEN-T inland waterways, it has to be fitted with River Information Systems (RIS), an ITS solution that lets ships and control centres talk to each other more efficiently and using an unique standard across the EU.

The project aims to entirely replace the Hungarian Inland Navigation Information System (HIR), so that it can communicate with RIS components and services. This will optimise river traffic on the Hungarian stretch of the Danube, leading to faster travel times for ships and barges, increased safety due to more accurate position reporting and lower emissions as a consequence of improved route planning.

As more rivers in the European Union are RIS-enabled, inland waterway transport will become a more viable alternative for businesses.



Ministry for Innovation and Technology of Hungary