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Innovative air treatment, hydroponic irrigation and automated systems for the first industrial vertical farm in EU.

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Extensive and inefficient usage of water

High population density and growth rates have led to increased competition for natural resources such as water. This competition is not only for drinking water but also for water to meet the needs of a growing society.

griculture accounts for approximately 70% of global water use and up to 95% in countries with predominantly agriculturebased economies. Despite its significant water consumption, the agriculture sector is one of the least efficient users of this resource. Additionally, large-scale agricultural systems often rely on chemical products that can pose health risks.

Friendship that changes the world

Innovative indoor vertical farming approaches have the potential to reduce pressures on natural resources, promote more sustainable resource use, and provide healthier methods of producing food. PLANET FARMS LIFE has built an industrial vertical farm to grow vegetables and aromatic herbs.

The farm features multiple innovations, including innovative air treatment, hydroponic irrigation and automated cultivation systems. To raise awareness of vertical farming’s benefits among farmers, retailers and consumers, the project team showcased how environmental impacts can be reduced while improving food product organoleptic and safety properties. This includes fully traceable local products produced without pesticides.

All of these achievements started because of a long-lasting friendship which also tells the story of technological innovation, extraordinary individuals and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Childhood friends Luca and Daniele reconnected at a pivotal moment in their lives when they were looking for a change and wanted to create a purpose-driven, sustainable, and exciting business.

And because of that, you can purchase veggies like YUMMIX KALE, YUMMIX VIVACE, YUMMIX ESOTICO, YUMMIX DELICATO, RUCOOL, LATTUGOOD e PESTOOH, all grown without pesticides in a truly pure environment, with the utmost respect for our planet and its resources.

Food as a way of life

(a message from the coordinating beneficiary – Planet Farms Italia Società Agricola S.r.l.)

Going Vertical is more than just thinking big, it’s thinking upwards. Planet Farms applies this approach to every aspect of the enterprise: people, technology, architecture, quality, investments, and, of course, flavour.

2 OCTOBER 2023
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