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New power transmission line in Latvia

Internal line between Ventspils, Tume and Imanta (LV)

Power transmission line Latvia

The Kurzeme Ring is an energy infrastructure project involving the construction of a 330 kV high-voltage overhead power line in Western Latvia to ensure the possibility of connecting increased generation capacities in the Kurzeme region. The third phase of the project involved the construction of a new internal electricity line between Ventspils, Tume and Imanta and benefited from €55 million of EU support through CEF. The new line improves the possibilities for grid connection not only for new electricity consumers but also for new producers of electricity in the region of significant wind energy development potential.

The Kurzeme Ring constitutes a part of the larger NordBalt project - an EU Project of Common Interest (PCI 4.4) - aiming at the construction of an interconnection between Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden to improve the power supply reliability in the Baltic region.