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LIFE ICEGREEN: Greening Gelato

Greening the ice-cream sector through low-GWP refrigerants and innovative business model

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Over utilisation of harmful refrigerants in the HORECA sector

Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants are major pollutants with a thousand times greater global warming potential than carbon dioxide and are used in a wide variety of refrigeration equipment, which is utilised in both domestic and industrial appliances for food production or preservation. Therefore, the challenge is clear, to minimise the usage of HFCs and to replace them with innovative solutions powered by ecological and natural gas. The pressure for the change is driven both by EU regulatory requirements, and customers’ awareness and their demand for sustainable products.

HORECA is one of the sectors, which significantly utilises HFCs and at least a part of this sector, the conventional production of gelato, could be replaced with an innovative and first of a kind solution Specifically, by the NEMOX International s.r.l. (NEMOX) trademark i-Green technology, which ensures that the impact on emissions can be reduced by 99.95% compared to conventional market solutions.

Tasty gelato with environmental benefits

The LIFE programme contributed to opening a new chapter for the NEMOX, leader of the ICEGREEN project, entrepreneurial journey by providing the company with additional resources to conduct research and develop innovative solutions which could change the world of gelato.

NEMOX successfully demonstrated the technical feasibility, safety and commercial viability of innovative ice cream machines which utilise a refrigerant (propane) with near-zero global warming potential. The i-Green brand is simply Natural, Ecological and Efficient –  and it represents an authentic Italian gelato. Among others benefits, the solution significantly reduces energy consumption, does not require a water connection for the air-cooling system and provides a simple PLUG & PLAY system.

The i-Green series offers tens of products in three main categories:

  • professional gelato machines,
  • household gelato machines,
  • a tailored (and modular) i-Green gelato shop concept

So, you can enjoy homemade sustainable ice-cream made of your favourite ingredients, incorporate innovative machines into your shop or start a gelato business from scratch.


(a message from the project coordinating beneficiary NEMOX International s.r.l.)

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2 OCTOBER 2023
LIFE Icegreen