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An innovative and sustainable continuous process for the development of novel bio based paints.

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Hazardous chemicals

Chemicals are unfortunately an essential component of our daily lives. They are widely utilised by industries and coatings are no exception.

Coatings such as paints and varnishes are mostly made of non-renewable intensive petrochemical materials. This poses the threat of an inefficient use of resources in all industrial sectors, pollution, waste, and the unsustainable management of natural resources.

The significance of the negative impact on human health and the environment differs, and it also depends on how you engage with the chemicals, whether from the perspective of an end-user or a worker who encounters harmful chemicals every day. Nevertheless, both areas have a significant space for an improvement which is fortunately recognised by both end customers and large retailers.

Design or sustainability? Why not both

Coating not only has an aesthetic function, moreover it serves as the protection which allows the coated object to serve its purpose for longer. Therefore, it contributes not only to quality, but also to the sustainability of products and the sector as well. IVM Chemicals, a producer of coating, did not want to be a part of a problem, but rather to contribute to finding a solution.

The demand is changing and the pressure towards sustainability grows in all aspects of the market. Financial institutions, producers, retailers and especially end users are driving the change. The whole supply chain is going through change and new materials and techniques are being explored and implemented.

LIFE funding contributed to the project in which the consortium developed a safe, sustainable, and innovative process for producing novel bio-based paints manufactured without petrochemicals, with benefits for human health and the environment.

The project recognises the whole chain – materials, production, application, and end-of-life – tackling all parts of the product lifecycle. Nothing is left out. The benefits are not targeted only at end users, but also the health and working conditions of workers have been significantly improved by not exposing them to a dangerous environment and toxic chemicals.

Furthermore, the LIFE project piloted the change and IVM Chemicals is already working towards improving the solution to outperform the objectives fulfilled during the LIFE funding.

LIFE-Biopaint is the latest IVM Chemicals’ investment in the direction of sustainability

(a message from the coordinating beneficiary – IVM Chemicals)

For IVM Chemicals, LIFE-Biopaint is the latest demonstration of a strategic research effort to obtain important environmental improvements. How? By increasing the use of bio-renewable materials and implementing cutting-edge production systems characterized by automation, closed circuit, zero emissions and safety for the highest quality products. IVM Group strongly believes that its commitment may significantly contribute to the creation of a sustainability culture involving the whole wood coating value chain.


2 OCTOBER 2023