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Innova MicroSolar

Innovative Micro Solar Heat and Power System for Domestic and Small Business Residential Buildings.

Innova Microsolar

The Innova MicroSolar Project ended in April 2022. The aim of the Project was to develop and demonstrate an advanced 2-kWel/18-kWth solar MicroCHP, which provides energy to a building. The plant was developed by teams in the UK, Italy, France and Spain with expertise in Fresnel Solar concentrators, Organic Rankine Cycle Turbine, Phase Change Material Thermal Storage and Smart Control.

The demo plant was a part of “zero” carbon footprint future of the Village Almatret in Catalonia, Spain.

The conducted field tests demonstrated that the plant fully meets the technical-economic objectives of the project, set at the proposal stage, and  provide clean, efficient and secure energy to the building. The plant, tested under climatic conditions of 2021-2022 has a capacity to generate 2,767 kWh of electricity and 17,254 kW of thermal energy for space heating and hot water supply. The system covers at least 60% of the energy requirement of the building and reduces building GHG emissions by 20%.

One of the objectives of the project was the commercialisation of Project results and by the completion of the project activities, some of the components of the plant, including the concentrating solar field, ORC turbine and control system were supplied to third parties, in accordance with signed contracts. Currently, more contract and agreement discussions are underway for commercialisation and further demonstration of the components and the whole plant.

Results of the project were widely disseminated at both national and international levels in the form of journal and conference papers, specialised workshops and seminars. By the completion of the project 19 journal and 18 conference papers were published.


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