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A high speed rail connection between Lisbon and Madrid

Evora-Elvas railway section in Portugal

The cross-border Évora-Elvas (Spanish border) rail section, which is located in Portugal along the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) Atlantic corridor, is a crucial missing infrastructure link in the Iberian peninsula. This section is part of the Sines-Elvas-Madrid-Paris line and is a major missing link in the Lisbon to Madrid high speed connection.

The new interoperable section, which is around 100 km in length and entirely located in Portugal, has been designed to accommodate freight trains of 740 metres in length as well as high speed passenger trains. Once fully operational, this will improve the mobility of passengers and the exchange of goods between the Iberian peninsula and the rest of the EU.

The studies and works have been divided into three distinct projects, all of which have been supported by the EU:

  1. Project 2014-PT-TM-0627-M
  2. Project 2016-PT-TMC-0059-M
  3. Project 21-PT-TG-Evora-Evora Norte

The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for Transport funding was used to build the various components of the rail infrastructure, including the rail bed (comprising structural works), the superstructure and other installations.

With the line in full operation, Lisbon and Madrid will finally be directly connected by a high speed railway line, with a journey between them forecast to take no more than three hours. Further to this, realisation of the projects is also boosting economic growth and regional development of the concerned regions, all while promoting the use of a greener mode of transport.