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European Climate Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency


Feasibility of climate pathways

ENGAGE project.2
Screenshot from the project's website

One of the key questions facing policymakers today is how to tackle climate change and mitigate the impacts of global warming.

The objective of ENGAGE is to contribute to design cost-effective, technologically sound, socially and politically feasible pathways able to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement. A consortium of international and multidisciplinary leading research groups is at the core of this H2020-funded project.                  

Scientists and economists developed integrated assessment models (IAMS) to find answers by combining different strands of knowledge – natural science, engineering and economics.

ENGAGE will invite key stakeholders to co-produce a new generation of global and national decarbonisation paths. It will also quantify avoided climate change impacts at the regional and national levels and identify concrete policy portfolios that maximise co-benefits and minimise trade-offs.

The findings of this four-year project will benefit policymaking and inform the 2023 global stocktaking, while feeding into the mid-century mitigation strategies for major emitters.



Internationales Institut Fuer Angewandte Systemanalyse (IIASA)

Schlossplatz 1, Laxenburg, Austria