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Blue RoSES

Blue Robotics for Sustainable Eco-friendly Services for innovative marinas & leisure boats

marine robotics

The Blue RoSES project aims at developing innovative tools and services for marinas and leisure boat designers by combining state-of-the-art technology in marine robotics, Internet-of-Things (IoT), mobile apps and web services. The project combines the need for social, environmental and economic sustainability with the design of innovative services and products such as: a) remote access to underwater sites for tourists; b) design of leisure boats integrating underwater robotics; c) robotic access and monitoring of marinas’ waters and seabed.

Blue RoSES developed around 2 pilots:

  • Pilot 1 - Tourism (remote access to naturalistic and/or cultural underwater sites);
  • Pilot 2 - Harbour/environment (robotic-based water and seabed monitoring inside marinas).

The use of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) is at the heart of Blue RoSES innovative approach. Under Pilot 1, ROVs piloted either from onboard a leisure boat or from marina ground stations or from smart apps connected to the web, allow remote access to underwater sites of historical interest, shipwrecks, etc. from anywhere in the world. ROVs can also explore and map hard-to-reach underwater regions, enabling scientific research and providing visuals for documentaries and 3D modelling.

Under Pilot 2, ROVs can be used to map marinas’ seabeds and provide data and samples for checking water quality and underwater infrastructure. They can also support underwater maintenance works and increase divers’ safety, as well as serve as maintenance and cleaning tool for yacht hulls inside marinas.

One of the main challenges of the blue economy sector is addressing obstacles to an inter-disciplinary learning. Blue RoSES, through the creation and implementation of the Blue RoSES Lab, brings together a partnership of different maritime stakeholders (young researchers, senior experts in marine robotic, IoT services, nautical companies) and stimulates multidisciplinary approaches to drive innovation in the blue economy. The project focuses on key contributors to the blue growth such as coastal tourism and efficient management of marinas and, thanks to the integration of robotics and IoT, creates a new business model and new job opportunities. 

If you wish to deep dive into Blue RoSES project, you can watch the project video and check their live demos on Facebook. The project also launched "Women in Blue", a blog & podcast series exploring the lives and careers of leading women in marine robotics and blue technology that can be followed on their website  or on their Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.