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European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

Communication toolkit for contractors - partnership actions


Partner: in the context of shared initiatives with Members States, third countries or other international organisations, acts in its capacity as a partner of these initiatives.

EC Visual Identity element

As a CINEA contractor you must comply to various degrees with the European Commission visual identity rules. 

All the information can be found in the specific manual or in the specific guide.

Some general remarks to underline concerning the visual identity:

  • Partnership initiatives: the mention ‘supported by’ should be placed next to ʻEuropean Commissionʼ logo on all communication material 
  • The EC Square Sans font is an obligation only if a contractor produces the Official EC publications on CINEA’s behalf


All the official publications from the contract must comply with the visual identity of the European Commission and have identifiers supplied by the Publications Office of the European Union (OP) and should be archived in the EU bookshop. The identifiers for publications will be requested by the CINEA Project Manager.

This does not apply to deliverables that will not be published on the EU BOOKSHOP. Documents to be published will be agreed with your project manager at the beginning or during the course of the contract.


If you need to create a newsletter, please liaise with your Project Manager. Access rights to the EC system Newsroom environment will be given by the CINEA Communication team once confirmed by the Project Manager

Link to be used for data protection notice for newsletters: CINEA Data Protection Notice for communication purposes.

Social Media

New accounts are not allowed (on Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media platforms). Please, use the existing (e.g. CINEA, MARE) channels.

Remember to tag @cinea_eu and @EU_MARE on Twitter and use the hashtags #EMFF / #EMFAF on all your posts. You can also find CINEA on LinkedIn and on YouTube.

For more information, please check our Social Media Moderation Policy