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European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

Experts contracted by CINEA are natural persons, who are invited to perform specific tasks based on Article 237 of the European Union's Financial Regulation (FR):

  • Evaluators: Evaluators are invited under a contract in their personal capacity (ad personam) to provide expertise on proposals submitted to calls for proposals 
  • Monitors: Individuals in charge of monitoring Horizon actions

Experts are entitled to receive a remuneration of maximum EUR 450 per day. If the work involves travel, experts are entitled to receive travel, accommodation and daily allowances, in addition to the remuneration according to Commission Decision C(2007)5858. Experts travelling as of 01/01/2023 will be entitled to new accommodation and daily allowances rates, based on Article 9(2) of C(2007)5858; the daily allowance will increase to 113 EUR per day (previously 92 EUR) and the accommodation allowance to 168 EUR (previously 100 EUR).