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European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

Progression Success Stories

From Research to Deployment

EU-funded research projects develop and test innovative technologies that could be deployed at a later stage in infrastructure and/or innovation projects. Progression from research to implementation & market roll-out is the natural evolution from the research-oriented H2020/Horizon Europe programme to the CEF one, which supports investment in construction.

Intelligent Transport Systems

The HIGHTS project developed a high-precision technology allowing to position vehicles with the accuracy of 25 centimetres.

The ARTIC project resulted in an intelligent car-to-car communication system, innovative collision and obstacle radars and on-board car sensors.

The CarNet project contributed by bringing to the market a high-speed data transmission antenna to enable better communication between vehicles and infrastructure.

Intelligent Transport Systems Synergies

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) solutions which are today deployed in the CEF Arc Atlantique Corridor Phase 32 project on the roads in Belgium, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK, have matured in the three different H2020 Transport projects mentioned above.


H2020 AEOLIX and SELIS projects explored how horizontal collaborations through data processing could improve the logistics sector.

The FENIX CEF project builds upon the platforms developed within AEOLIX and SELIS to create the first European federated architecture for data sharing serving the logistics community and stakeholders. The main objective is to develop interoperability between any individual existing and future platforms.