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Ocean Health: Projects that innovate

A sample of the projects funded between 2014 and 2019


ISBN: 978-92-9202-636-3, doi: 10.2826/83873
Publication date
15 January 2019
Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises


As the name suggests, the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund does not just support fisheries, but also maritime policy.  It is mainly national administrations who decide how to use the amounts they receive to support both fisheries and the blue economy. 

The European Commission also manages a small percentage of the Fund (4.5%), which goes to innovative projects and sustainable activities and helps coordinate maritime cooperation across borders.

Over the years, this “direct funding” has supported many new ideas all over Europe.

What follows is a snapshot of some of the most intriguing projects that emerged in recent years thanks to the European Commission’s direct funding.


15 JANUARY 2019
Ocean Health: Projects that innovate
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