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Green Urban Mobility

Promoting green, smart and inclusive movement of people and goods in cities


ISBN 978-92-9208-140-9 , PDF EF-07-22-981-EN-N, DOI 10.2840/162376
Publication date
19 September 2022
European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency


Cities host 70% of the European population and are centres of economic and social activity. Cities are key actors when it comes to achieving climate neutrality. In fact, 23% of EU transport greenhouse gas emissions come from urban areas, and health issues due to poor air quality remain a major concern. There is a huge potential in addressing people’s mobility habits and encouraging the use of more sustainable transport modes. New planning, organisational and management solutions as well as emerging transport technologies are also key to improve urban mobility while reducing emissions.

The European Green Deal and its target to achieve a 90% reduction in transport-related greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, together with the New European Urban Mobility Framework, has put urban mobility and logistics in the spotlight of the Commission’s mobility policy. This brochure presents a comprehensive overview of projects, managed by CINEA and funded under Horizon 2020, that develop, test and implement innovative solutions for sustainable urban transport and mobility. 

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Green urban mobility