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European Climate Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

CEF support to the Baltic-Adriatic TEN-T Corridor

This is the second INEA report aimed at presenting the contribution of CEF Transport funded Actions to the development of the Baltic-Adriatic Core Network Corridor.


PDF EF-02-20-574-EN-N, ISBN 978-92-9208-098-3, DOI 10.2840/427079
Publication date
4 May 2020
Innovation and Networks Executive Agency


The report contains information on the progress of Agency-supported projects in the Baltic-Adriatic Core Network Corridor.

The Baltic-Adriatic Corridor is one of the most important trans-European railway and road axes. This 1,800 km long corridor runs from north to south, i.e. from Poland through the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria to Italy and Slovenia, connecting core Baltic ports in Poland with core ports of the Adriatic Sea in Italy and Slovenia. It runs through the industrialised areas of Southern Poland, Vienna and Bratislava, the Eastern Alpine region and Northern Italy, linking major transport nodes through key rail, road, maritime and air transport connections. Except Austria and Italy, all EU Member States located on the corridor are countries eligible to receive Cohesion Fund support.

It includes around 4,200 km of rail network and 3,600 km of road network as well as 13 urban nodes and airports, 8 maritime ports and 24 rail-road terminals. 

CEF support to the Baltic-Adriatic TEN-T Corridor


4 MAY 2020
CEF support to Baltic-Adriatic Corridor - 2020
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