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European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

Green Advisory Service for Sustainable Investments Support: GREEN ASSIST

GREEN ASSIST in a nutshell

Policy Context

The European Green Deal Investment Plan acknowledges the need for promoting and facilitating investments in the green economy, notably in natural capital and circular economy management. It also recognises the need to strengthen technical assistance as a means to build up a pipeline for green investment projects with high impact.

Legal framework

GREEN ASSIST is an initiative with a funding budget of up to EUR 30 million, provided by the LIFE programme. It aims at helping public and private investors to trigger investments in green projects.
Advisory services accessible under GREEN ASSIST will be managed by one or several contractors, operating under the guidance and supervision of CINEA and DG ENVIRONMENT.


The objective of GREEN ASSIST is to provide access to Advisory Services that enable beneficiaries to prepare green/greener investment projects, across diversified sectors and private & public beneficiaries.


On demand, free, customized (ie on-the-ground & hands-on) Advisory Services that effectively result in the generation of a pipeline of Green Investment projects.


GREEN ASSIST is essentially a process for building up pools of expertise, and then mobilizing this expertise to directly provide advisory services, matching the needs of eligible incoming requests for advisory.


- CINEA, the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency, is in charge of managing this advisory initiative,
- Coordinated with DG ENVIRONNEMENT,
- Implemented by Contractors, selected under a Framework Contract,
- In the framework of InvestEU, managed by DG ECFIN.

Interfacing with GREEN ASSIST in practice

Publications on Green Assist

Other resources / initiatives

Climate Adaptation Investment Advisory Platform (ADAPT)

ADAPT is an advisory platform that aims at facilitating the deployment of technical and financial expertise to address specific investment and market needs and to accelerating the financing of climate adaptation investments that have the potential to strengthen the resilience of cities, infrastructure networks, coastal areas, river basins, food systems, forests and ecosystems and other activities vulnerable to climate change.

It offers advisory services, capacity building and knowledge transfer throughout all stages of the project cycle in line with the policy goals of the InvestEU programme and JASPERS

More information on ADAPT and on who can benefit from it