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News article12 September 2022European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

New Turnkey Retrofit services: Assisting homeowners to initiate their renovation journey in France, Ireland and Spain

The TURNKEY RETROFIT project has developed new services for homeowners in France, Ireland, and Spain aiming to transform the renovation journey into a simpler, more straightforward and an overall more attractive process.

Turnkey project H2020

The EU Renovation Wave Strategy underlines that refurbishment of buildings does not only reduce emissions but can also generate far-reaching social, environmental and economic benefits. Deep renovation can reduce energy poverty and the pressure for greenfield construction, helping preserve nature, biodiversity and fertile agricultural land.

Yet, across the EU, deep renovations that reduce energy consumption by at least 60% are carried out only in 0.2% of the building stock per year. Although technical solutions are well known, the journey of homeowners remains very complex. To address this challenge, one-stop-shops or integrated home renovation services are key instruments.

The new services developed by the TURNKEY RETROFIT project – funded under H2020 - are now accessible through the Solutions4Renovationplatform and address incentives and behavioural aspects of building renovation that go beyond reduced energy bills or increasing the asset value, such as home improvement, increased comfort, improved health and quality of life.

Based on existing French renovation services, project partners developed technical solutions in order to design an effective digital homeowner-oriented renovation service, and replicated them in Spain and Ireland.

The platform hosts all customer services, which have been adapted to each country, and it includes a Punch Diag to attract people’s attention trigger action about their home. The tool is dedicated to a large audience, and demonstrates that retrofitting is within everyone’s reach.

Punch Diag - describe the user situation in 10 questions

Furthermore, a Roadmap service is available to support the user in planning their renovation and provides a range of works and costs. The objective is to make users feel confident and provide guidance, whilst leaving some freedom of action.

Solutions4Renovation represents an entry point leading to three national platforms:

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