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News article6 October 20201 min read

New H2020 Results Pack showcasing 10 projects leading the way towards funding Europe’s energy transition

Energy Efficiency Investment

Energy efficiency has not always been considered as an attractive investment by the financial sector in the past, however, this H2020 Results Pack features 10 projects that have set a new dynamic for accelerating and upscaling private financing of energy efficiency investments. 

The EU has increased the amount of public funds available for energy efficiency, but there is a need to further unlock private financing. In order to meet the EU’s 2030 climate and energy targets, such as achieving an energy efficiency target of 32.5 %, an additional EUR 260 billion per year will be necessary over the period 2021-2030. Much of that finance will need to come from the private sector.

The H2020 Results Pack puts a spotlight on 10 spearheading projects – all funded under H2020 Energy Efficiency – which have developed innovative solutions to make energy efficiency investments more attractive for private finance. 

It includes the following projects: 

ESI Europe - replicating an energy savings insurance (ESI) model for SMEs in Europe 
EeDaPP – developing common energy efficiency reporting criteria on Energy Efficiency Mortgages 
EuroPACE - on-tax financing scheme for renovation of residential homes 
QualitEE – quality standards for energy efficiency services 
SMARTER – rolling out the Green Homes/Green Mortgages scheme to 11 countries  
SUNShINE – setting up an innovative financial instrument based on energy performance contracting and forfaiting for deep retrofit of multi-family buildings in Latvia 
CRREM - Real estate decarbonisation through the Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor
I3CP – building investor confidence for energy efficiency investment in industry and infrastructure 
E-FIX – setting up innovative financing schemes for energy efficiency in Central and Eastern Europe and the Caucasus region
TRUSTEE - energy efficiency and renewable energy investments in industrial process heat

You can read the online version of the publication here. All the project info comes in six languages EN, FR, IT, ES, DE, PL.

The PDF version of the publication can be found here.


Publication date
6 October 2020