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News article22 June 2021European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

Maritime Spatial Planning in the European Union

A group of representative projects featured in a new video

EMFF full video (June 2021) - Screenshot from Vimeo

A new video featuring a group of representative Maritime Spatial Planning projects is now available and downloadable here, with English subtitles and in several resolutions.

For those who still don't know, MSP is an ambitious and collaborative initiative involving EU countries, administrations, research institutions, industries and society as a whole. Its core objective is to boost cooperation across borders and sectors for a smart, sustainable, productive, and fair use of the maritime space and its precious resources.

You can follow the EU MSP Platform also on Twitter.

This six minute video has been produced by the European MSP Assistance Mechanism in the context of the emergence of the first national maritime spatial plans, presented by Member states in 2021.

The projects introduced are implemented in different European maritime basins and all supported by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (2014-2020). 

For more information about MSPmed, MarSP, MARSPLAN-B2 II, SIMAtlantic, SEANSE and PANBALTIC Scope, visit their websites.