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News article10 January 2023European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

Listen to the #LIFEis30 podcast 

The #LIFEis30 podcast series celebrates thirty years of nature protection, environmental and climate action projects under the LIFE Programme. 


Learn about people who are saving vulnerable species from extinction, protecting and restoring natural habitats, and developing new technologies to adapt to climate change.  

Each episode also features top policymakers offering their expert insights into our planet's major challenges. 

Seven episodes are available to stream now: 

Episode I – Life begins at 30  

Charting the conception, development and evolution of the LIFE Programme from 1992 to the present.  

Episode II – Roots in nature 

How LIFE is safeguarding, restoring, and enhancing habitats and species. 

Episode III – How to save a species  

Species on the brink of extinction can recover thanks to the passion and commitment of men and women working on the ground. 

Episode IV - Food for thought

The LIFE Programme supports projects on better-quality food, sustainable production, and fighting food waste.

Episode V – LIFE in a warming climate

Learn about LIFE projects improving air quality, protecting and restoring soil, and flood prevention, to adapt to and reduce the threat of climate change.

Episode VI – Getting down to business

As an incubator of innovation, ideas and collaboration, LIFE can have dramatically durable economic effects, supporting the circular economy and a more sustainable business model.

Episode VII – Generation Change

The final episode in the #LIFEis30 podcast series gives a voice to members of the new generation of environmental activists and experts, bringing their ideas and aspirations for a more sustainable and greener future.

How to listen 

Listen to the #LIFEis30 podcast now on all major music platforms. 

And be sure to rate it after listening.  


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