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News article19 January 2022European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

LIFE platform meeting: Boosting awareness and engagement on climate action

European Climate Pact visual

On 27 and 28 October 2021, LIFE held a special online platform meeting to encourage the European Climate Pact’s implementation.

Through the European Green Deal, the EU is striving to become climate-neutral by 2050. Public involvement is critical to achieving this ambitious target, and in December 2020, the EU launched the European Climate Pact to make this happen.

Many LIFE climate action projects have a lot in common with the European Climate Pact’s objectives. Therefore, it was fitting that LIFE projects, NGOs, and other stakeholders from across Europe united to discuss how best to support the European Climate Pact.

Find out more in our special report: ‘Awareness and engagement for lasting climate action’.  It will help you learn how to communicate, raise awareness, encourage participation, co-create plans, and support long-lasting climate actions. Also included are additional resources from the projects showcased at the meeting.


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