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LIFE cuts energy bills and emissions

LIFE DoppelPlus has helped people on lower incomes in Tirol, Austria become clean energy transition ambassadors.

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Many of us currently pay much more than usual for our energy bills. Energy savings are the quickest and cheapest way to reduce these bills amid the current energy crisis. Making these savings can also contribute to the EU’s climate targets for 2030 and 2050.

The LIFE DoppelPlus team advised low-income households in Tyrol on how to minimise energy costs and adopt a more climate-friendly approach to everyday life. This target group is particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts and today’s high energy bills.

They trained local volunteers to become energy and climate coaches who subsequently advised around 1 000 households on optimising their daily energy consumption. For example, the coaches encouraged public transport use, promoted greener shopping and eating habits, and alerted residents of special offers from electricity and transport companies.

They also gave climate protection starter kits to families to help them save energy and reduce emissions. These kits included LED lamps, multiple plug connectors and bicycle repair tools.

This advice resulted in fewer emissions and each household saving around €200 yearly.

The project team reached out to residents through workshops, seminars, and media work.

And they helped develop Tyrol’s Sustainability and Climate Strategy.

LIFE DoppelPlus shows that energy poverty can be addressed through targeted and individual approaches.

The approach also promotes the integration of immigrants and makes climate protection an issue for all households.

Tyrol has since launched a follow-up project called ‘DoppelPlus 2.0.’

LIFE DoppelPlus’s methods can be replicated by other regions and cities across the EU.

The project supports the EU’s Adaptation Strategy and the Climate Pact. It also contributes to the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.


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