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News article25 September 2020Innovation and Networks Executive Agency

Greening transport via Bio-LNG

Refuelling station in Antwerp

A #CEFTransport project aiming at greening the European road transport via the introduction of Bio-LNG has just opened its first refuelling station in Antwerp (Belgium). The BIOLNG4EU project aims to set-up and operate 2 bio-transformation stations from biogas to Bio-LNG and 4 refuelling stations, servicing 35 LNG heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) in the Netherlands and Belgium. The Action is located along the TEN-T North Sea-Mediterranean, North Sea- Baltic and Rhine-Alpine Core Network Corridors.

This Action is part of a Global Project of 50 LNG and Bio-LNG refuelling and 15 bio transformation stations that will be established gradually close to large distribution centres and/or to major highways along the TEN-T Core network Corridors in North Western Europe. This Global Project aims to generate the critical mass required for a European roll-out of LNG and Bio-LNG infrastructure and a broad market development for HGVs running on these sustainable fuels.

Since 2011 LNG is available as fuel for trucks. With this fuel CO2-emissions can be reduced 17% in comparison to diesel.


Publication date
25 September 2020
Innovation and Networks Executive Agency