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News article18 January 2021

European Commission launches consultation on the list of candidate projects of common interest in electricity and gas

Have your say on gas and electricity infrastructure in the EU

Gas and electricity infrastructure

Last week the European Commission launched a 12-week consultation seeking views from the public, from stakeholders and from public authorities on the merits of candidate projects for the fifth list of EU Projects of Common Interest (PCI). The consultation asks respondents to give their views on the way the candidate projects in the field of electricity and gas contribute to market integration, sustainability, security of supply and competition from an EU energy policy perspective. Similar consultations for oil, smart grids and cross-border carbon dioxide networks projects will follow.

To receive PCI status, a project must be considered essential for completing of the European internal energy market and for reaching the EU's energy policy objectives of affordable, secure and sustainable energy for all citizens. Projects selected as PCIs can automatically benefit from several advantages, including an accelerated permit granting and improved regulatory treatment. Projects retained as PCIs are also eligible for financing under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

The Regulation on guidelines for trans-European energy infrastructure (TEN-E Regulation) foresees that the PCIs list is updated every two years. The first Union-wide list was adopted in October 2013 and the current fourth list - in October 2019. The European Commission will adopt the new list by the end of 2021 and consultation with stakeholders is an important part of the selection process.

Submitting a response for each infrastructure category simply requires filling in the online questionnaire on the links given below:

More information

Energy infrastructure (DG Energy website)


Publication date
18 January 2021