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News article29 April 2021European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency4 min read

€92.7 million awarded to Horizon 2020 Transport projects

CINEA has signed grant agreements with 16 projects under the H2020 Transport’s MG-2020-TwoStages call on topics related to Mobility for Growth

€92.7 million EU funding awarded to 16 H2020 Transport projects

CINEA has just signed the latest grant agreements with 16 projects under the H2020 Transport’s H2020-MG-2020-TwoStages call on topics related to Mobility for Growth.

Overall, the overall awarded funding amounts to €92,671 million distributed over six two-stages topics under the 2018-2020 Horizon 2020 Work Programme, all managed by CINEA and under the responsibility of DG RTD and DG MOVE.

Examples of funded projects


nPETS aims to monitor and sample with state-of-the-art particle instruments the sub 100 nm transport generated emissions from shipping, road, rail, and aviation both in field and controlled laboratory environments. Both aged and fresh aerosols will be considered, including primary and secondary volatile and non-volatile particles. Characterising the emissions will be done from shipping, road, rail, and aviation by linking their sizes, chemical compositions, and morphologies to its specific emission sources such as engines, brakes, clutches, and tyres to increase the understanding of the mechanisms behind adverse risks posed by different types and sources of the identified sub 100 nm particles. The effects of nanoparticles from various transport modes and fuels, as well as specific emission sources, will be compared with a focus on markers of relevance for carcinogenesis and inflammation. Living cells will be exposed to collected and real-world primary and aged aerosols as well as primary and aged aerosols generated in the laboratory. Furthermore, it also aims to evaluate the possible future impact of new policies in this area on public health and linking the impacts with specific emission sources. This should lead to an understanding and quantification of the risks posed by different types and sources.

EU contribution: € 5,35 million

Total cost: € 5,35 million

Topic: H2020-MG-2020-TwoStages

Duration: 36 months

Partners countries: SE, ES, IT, EL, UK, FI


OMICRON (Towards a more automated and optimised maintenance, renewal and upgrade of roads by means of robotised technologies and intelligent decision support tools)

The objective of OMICRON is to develop an Intelligent Asset Management Platform with a broad portfolio of area-specific innovative technologies to enhance the construction, maintenance, renewal and upgrade of the European road network. OMICRON’s developments will address the entire road network system including pavement, bridges, tunnels, lighting or signalling systems. The group of technologies developed in the project will be implemented in a virtual demo and four real demonstrators that belong to CEF corridors from two European countries: Spain and Italy. The technologies developed in OMICRON will achieve a TRL 7 after the demonstration phase.

EU contribution: € 4,99  million

Total cost: € 4,99 million

Topic: MG-2-10-2020

Duration: 42 months

Partners countries: DE, EL, ES, HU, IT, PT, UK


SCALE-UP (Scale up user-Centric and dAta driven soLutions for connEcted Urban Poles)

SCALE-UP aims to develop data-driven and user centric strategies to accelerate the take-up of smart, clean and inclusive mobility, by means of well-connected and multi-usage urban nodes, to the level needed to meet EU climate and transport objectives. There are 5 strategic objectives which relate to fields of intervention in which the SCALE-UP urban areas excel and deliver valuable output by implementing 28 mobility measures scaled to the FUA and taking into account the TEN-T dimension. Furthermore a strong framework for thematic policy validation amongst SCALE-UP experts will guarantee a meaningful cooperation between the urban areas, internal capacity building and mutual exchange and learning. The project will deliver evidence of the effectiveness of the different actions in relation to EU climate and transport targets, and how it accelerates the take-up of these solutions amongst and beyond SCALE-UP urban areas.

EU contribution: € 8,95  million

Total cost: € 10,38 million

Topic: LC-MG-1-12-2020

Duration: 48 months

Partners countries: BE, DE, ES, FI, NL


AWARD - All Weather Autonomous Real logistics operations and Demonstrations

AWARD aims at developing and operating safe autonomous transportation systems (ATS) in a wide range of real-life logistic use cases in a variety of different scenarios. This includes autonomous driving under adverse environmental conditions such as heavy rain, snowfall, fog. The ADS (Autonomous Driving System) solution will be based on multiple sensor modalities and an embedded teleoperation system to address 24/7 availability. The ADS will then be demonstrated by running a range of real-world hub-type missions each with one or more autonomous driving fitted vehicles. The knowledge gained from these operations is expected to add value for hub operator or fleets.

EU contribution: € 19,89  million

Total cost: € 26,39 million

Topic: DT-ART-06-2020

Duration: 36 months

Partners countries: AT, BE, CH, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, IL, NL, NO, UK



The projects in this call have been selected for funding in a two-stage evaluation.

First, candidates had to submit short project proposals by 9 January 2020. In the second stage, successful proposals were invited to submit full project proposals by 8 September 2020.

Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for updates on the selection process and for information on upcoming funding opportunities.