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European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

2021 operating grants for non-profit-making entities

Next calls for proposals

The next calls for proposals for operating grants in support of non-profit-making entities will be published in mid-July 2021, with an application deadline around end of September 2021. To save time, both calls in view of concluding framework partnership agreements (FPAs) and specific grant agreements (SGAs) will be opened and closed at the same time.

Due to the pending adoption of the new LIFE multiannual work programme, we cannot yet publish any details and therefore can only recommend potential applicants to check previous calls, in particular on the eligibility of your organisation.

In previous years, any applicant had to:

  1. Be a non-profit-making legal person;
  2. Be independent, in particular from government, other public authorities, and from political parties or commercial interests;
  3. Be primarily active in the field of environment and/or climate action and have an environmental/climate objective which is aimed at:
    1. the public good,
    2. sustainable development, and
    3. the development, implementation and enforcement of European Union environmental and/or climate policy and legislation;
  4. Be established (legally registered) in one of the European Union Member States;
  5. Be operating at Union level with a structure and activities covering at least three European Union Member States.

For reference purposes only, you may look at the 2019 Application packages and the 2019 frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Please note that from this call onward, we will switch to an electronic submission system, using the funding and tender portal of the European Commission. You can already familiarise yourself with the system via the Funding & tender opportunities portal.


Provisional timeline

  1. Provisional timeline
    mid-July 2021

    Launch of calls

  2. Autumn 2021
    End of September 2021

    Deadline for applications

  3. Autumn-winter 2021
    Autumn-winter 2021


  4. January 2022
    January 2022

    Notification of evaluation results

  5. First half of 2022
    First half of 2022

    Signature of grants

We will update this page as soon as more details are available. An online information session for applicants will take place in July 2021.