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European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency
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2023 CEF Transport Calls for proposals


Publication date
26 September 2023
Opening date
Deadline model
Deadline date
30 January 2024, 17:00 (CET)


The 2023 CEF Transport calls for proposals make EUR 7 billion available for projects targeting new and improved European transport infrastructure. 

Projects funded under these calls will help to increase the sustainability of the trans-European transport network, putting the EU on track to meet the European Green Deal objective of cutting transport emissions by 90% by 2050.

The calls support the European Commission’s vision of a future sustainable transport system, with smart and resilient solutions implemented to interconnect Europe. 

The EU needs an efficient and interconnected multimodal transport system for both passengers and freight. This includes an affordable, reliable and performing rail network, an enhanced inland waterways navigation and infrastructure in maritime ports, a balanced interconnection between transport modes and an increased automation and interoperability for greater efficiency and safety of the transport network.  

The calls cover the Core and Comprehensive TEN-T networks in the following areas: 

  • railways 
  • inland waterways
  • maritime and inland ports
  • road safety
  • rail-road terminals 
  • multimodal logistics platforms
  • multimodal passenger hubs
  • smart and interoperable applications for transport 
  • safe and secure mobility
  • infrastructure resilience 


Projects on the Core Network

General (€2.695 billion)

COREGEN - 4 topics

Cohesion (€2.8 billion)

CORECOEN - 4 topics 

Projects on the Comprehensive Network

General (€250 million)

COMPGEN - 4 topics

Cohesion (€350 million)

COMPCOEN - 4 topics

Smart and interoperable mobility

General (€400 million)

SIMOBGEN - 12 topics

Cohesion (€150 million)

SIMOBCOEN - 1 topic

Sustainable and multimodal mobility

General (€100 million)

SUSTMOBGEN - 2 topics

Safe and secure mobility

General (€100 million)

SAFEMOBGEN - 3 topics

Cohesion (€150 million)

SAFEMOBCOEN - 3 topics

Info Day

Virtual information day on the 2023 CEF Transport call for proposals (10 October 2023)

National Contact Points

A list of national contact points for CEF Transport is available for potential applicants (privacy statement).