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LIFE’N Grab Hy

Hydrogen powers silent bin lorries

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We founded WaterstofNet in 2009 to support the uptake of hydrogen as an energy carrier. Our non-profit has since coordinated over 11 demonstration projects with industrial players and government organisations across Europe, helping to install hydrogen fuelling stations and roll out zero-emission mobility.

Larger with Life

From 2015-2019, the EU LIFE Programme is investing over €1.6 million in the €2.7 million LIFE ‘N GRAB HY! project to demonstrate that hydrogen can offer an environmentally viable alternative to power heavy duty vehicles. WaterstofNet is coordinating project efforts to build and homologate hydrogenfuelled bin lorries for waste collection in EU cities. Their hybrid electric driveline notably cuts tail-pipe emissions and engine noise.

EU added value

  • Improve air quality in EU cities
  • Reduce traffic noise in urban areas
  • Save 250 megawatt hours of energy


  • Product launch expected in 2 years
  • Untapped market, low competition
  • Extend technology to other vehicles


  • Coordinated the assembly and homologation of two 26-ton hydrogen-powered bin lorries
  • Deployed waste collectors in European cities including Antwerp, Rotterdam and Cologne
  • Cut transport emissions of poisonous carbon monoxide and cancerogenous nitrogen oxides
  • Reduced noise, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from urban waste collection
  • SME E-Trucks Europe expanded facilities

Policy support

  • Boost resource efficiency in line with the roadmap to a single European transport area
  • Cut air pollution as set out in the Directive on ambient air quality and cleaner air for Europe
  • Support the 2002 Environmental Noise Directive by engineering silent heavy duty vehicles
20 DECEMBER 2023
LIFE’N Grab Hy