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Cruising on sunshine

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Founded in 1960, Mecaprom is now present in nine countries and works with leading car manufacturers including Audi and General Motors. To safeguard air quality and tackle climate change, we have recently extended our product portfolio to develop state-ofthe- art engines and transmissions for electric-hybrid and battery powered vehicles.

Larger with Life

Between 2017-2020, the EU LIFE Programme will invest €1.8 million in the €3.2 million Save project to fit flexible solar panels and battery packs onto conventional road vehicles, turning them into solarpowered hybrids. Mecaprom is assembling and road-testing the technology, bringing a green transport solution to the market that could save consumers money and cut EU reliance on imported fossil fuels.

EU added value

  • Urban fuel consumption down 25%
  • Pay-back time lower than 4 years
  • Reduce hybrid vehicle charging time


  • Improve air quality in cities
  • Reduce CO2 emissions of transport
  • Billion-euro market for retrofitting cars


  • Pioneered HySolarKit technology with funding from Horizon 2020’s SME instrument
  • Assembled electronic traction components to complete a market-ready product
  • Tested solar panels, electronics and battery systems under conventional working conditions
  • Buzzed on social media, made headlines in the Italian press and featured on Euronews
  • Entered talks with Seat and Volkswagen to develop the technology for assembly lines

Policy support

  • Reduce transport-related air pollutants described in the clean air programme for Europe
  • Promote green and efficient road transport as set out in the European Clean Vehicles Directive
  • Reduce EU reliance on fossil fuel imports in line with the energy security strategy
20 DECEMBER 2023