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LIFE Eco-Methane

Reducing the methane emissions of cattle

LIFE Eco-Methane. All rights reserved.
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The Eco-methane project dealt with the origin of one of the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions. It brought to the market a simple and economical service which determines the enteric methane emissions from cattle and assesses the impact of reduction measures, such as diet alteration. The project gave farmers the tools necessary to make cattle breeding more sustainable.

Furthermore, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the animals correlates with an increase of quality fatty acids in their milk and meat. The production of methane also leads to a loss of energy intake. Thus, besides cutting methane levels, the deployment of the project’s solution can result in the greater profitability of the herd through healthier animals, an increase in productivity and improvement of the fatty acid profile of the milk or meat.

Patented and developed by European SME Valorex, the measurement service has become an irreplaceable part of the company’s product portfolio. It supports the sales of associated feed products and results in the desired emissions being reduced.

20 DECEMBER 2023
LIFE Eco-Methane