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European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency


LIFE Diademe

The LIFE-DIADEME project demonstrated the benefits of an innovative adaptive public lighting system in Italy, which significantly reduces energy demand and is, at the same time, able to acquire environmental data at city level to support planning and policy-making. New cost-efficient distributed street lighting dimming systems were installed in full-scale demonstration sites in Rome, Piacenza, and Rimini.

The project team demonstrated that the adaptive DIADEME systems reduce energy consumption by 57% on average when compared to a full light system, and by almost 41% when compared to a pre-programmed system (where lighting intensity decreased according to a time schedule defined in advance on statistic basis). The technology automatically adapts the lighting intensity based on several parameters, including constantly-monitored traffic loads. The adoption of more than 19 000 systems after three years (foreseen in the project’s business plan) should reduce energy consumption and related CO2eq emissions by, respectively, 1 238 MWh/year and 496 tons/year (compared to pre-regulated systems). As the new system enhances reliability and reduces maintenance, it will consequently reduce the quantity of electronic waste produced, by 542 kg/year during the demonstration.