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LIFE ALFIO: Sustainable lifestyle

Alina Life, biocide free paint and coating formulations, in Open Source Platform

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Toxic chemicals affecting the environment and human health

The issue of the presence of volatile organic compounds(VOC)and biocides chemicals in its production to satisfy European Union regulatory requirements, as well as to fulfil growing consumer demand for sustainable solutions.

In addition to the presence of the biocides in the paints itself, the industry workers are often exposed to toxic substances from building materials every day at their workplace Moreover, the issue is compounded for people who suffer with allergies and for whom the smell, toxicity and associated headaches might affect their lives significantly.

Supporting family, helping the world

Let’s tackle it, let’s make a difference, let’s show the world there is a different, sustainable, and human health friendly path we can follow.

What started with the huge personal motivation of ALINA’s (the coordinating beneficiary) CEO, Chief Scientific Officer, and their family members led to a positive impact not only for the CEO’s allergy suffering daughter but also to the whole industry, its workers, environment, and human health in general.

ALINA scientists successfully developed an organoclay based material for biocide reduction Specifically, the use of the organoclay component led to the production of multiple eco friendly, reduced VOC and biocide free paints and coatings formulations as a transferable solution for the paint and coating industry.

Thanks to the LIFE contribution, the ALINA team have had an opportunity to speed up the whole process of R&D activities and market uptake.

As a result, the patented human and environmentally friendly products are being offered on the market The project has demonstrated that there is a way in which the paints and coating industry can comply with upcoming regulatory standards and contribute to a sustainable and healthy world for everyone not only for people suffering from allergies It is proven that we could get rid of toxic substances in the industry.

Transparency, reliability, openness, and traceability are factors which are crucial for the beneficiary to back its solution for the market players and end users.

Every effort counts

(a message from the coordinating beneficiary ALINA)

"At ALINA, we understand that our actions have an impact on the world around us We believe that every company has a responsibility to contribute to a more sustainable future, and we're proud to be leading the way in the paint and coating industry with our organoclay technology and biocide free formulations."


23 OCTOBER 2023
LIFE ALFIO: Sustainable lifestyle