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European Climate Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency


Contributing to the evolution towards a pan-European transmission network with high flexibility and high interconnection levels.


FLEXITRANSTORE aims to contribute to the evolution towards a pan-European transmission network with high flexibility and high interconnection levels.

The project develops a next generation of Flexible Energy Grid (FEG), which provides the technical basis to support the valorisation of flexibility services, enhancing the existing European Internal Energy Market (IEM). This will enhance and accelerate the integration of renewables into European energy systems and increase cross border electricity flows across Europe. The FEG components and the digital market infrastructure will be deployed in 8 demonstrations which will take place in 6 countries (Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Slovenia, Belgium, Spain), focusing on specific functions and serving real needs and existing challenges. The project started in 2017, consisting of 30 partners, including Transmission System Operators (TSOs), Distribution System Operators (DSOs), National Regulatory Agencies (NRAs), Market Operators, Service Providers and Manufacturers.

FLEXITRANSTORE has achieved significant results with its demonstration of large-scale storages and key technologies for future transmission grids.

The project successfully installed a battery energy storage system (BESS) and tested the Active Distribution Node concept at a real substation in Greece and Cyprus, connected to a Wind Park and the TSO/DSO interface respectively. The system is ready to provide ancillary services to the connected TSO, by optimally exploiting the BESS capacity.

Power Flow Controllers were installed and tested in Greece and Bulgaria. This proved the modular nature of the devices, their compatibility for different voltage levels and their ability to efficiently tackle congestions by redirecting power flows, thus providing a powerful tool for System Operators.

The testing of Dynamic Line Rating for de-icing has been successfully carried out in Slovenia and Bulgaria. Valuable data have been collected and analysed. The ice forecasting subsystem is validated with field imaging techniques. According to the results all icing events were successfully identified and mitigated during the winter periods of the demo.


CORDIS project factsheet