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European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency


Enhancing Belmont Research Action to support EU policy making on climate change and its health effects

Heart earth world globe with stethoscope. World Health Day.2

With climate change becoming an ever-increasing concern for people around the world, countries and organisations have started taking action by introducing new laws or policies.

To initiate and introduce these measures, institutions need help from specialists in fields that include climate change and health research to combat the problem in the most efficient possible way, while also not causing more negative effects.

Unfortunately, the process by which this is done can be complicated and time-consuming.

The aim of this EU-funded project is to make this process easier by bringing together a group of experts in the field of climate change and health research. Specialists who can assist in EU policy-making and contribute, with knowledge and policy advice, to support adaptation and resilience.

ENBEL includes and coordinate a network of international health and climate research projects funded by Belmont Forum and the EU.