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Blue Academy for Professionals of the Seafood Industry

blue careers

While the demand for seafood products increases worldwide, industry and education in the seafood sector need to be prepared and to respond in a sustainable and efficient manner. At the same time, seafood professionals need to receive adequate training and expertise to match industry needs.

BAPSI project aims at promoting dialogue between the seafood industry and education actors in Italy, Spain and Portugal to make the sector sustainable and competitive, in line with the EU Farm to Fork strategy and the Green Deal objectives.

The project created a Blue Academy delivering 12 high-quality courses and practical experiences to use in and to complement existing university curricula. The programme was build up around 3 main thematic aspects: legal, economic and production . Courses have been held throughout 2021 and can be checked in the project’s dedicated webpage.

The consortium behind BAPSI project is made of representatives from the food and fishery industry and academia. This cooperation allows fruitful dialogues and exchanges as the industry provides insights on real needs and the academic side provides input on how to address them.

The BAPSI project tackles major issues and challenges linked to the blue economy growth potential such as the low level of skills as major obstacle to hiring, or the difficult transition from school to work.  Through its transversal approach to education and skill enforcement, the project also promotes regional cooperation to protect the Mediterranean Sea and its natural resources and supports partnerships inspired by green/blue circular economy principles.

Check out the project video and get inspired by BAPSI Infostories like the one designed for children “Dolphins need us” (in Italian) or those about fish innovation,  biodiversity, plastic and micro-plastic and blockchain and product traceability.