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European Climate Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency
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CBA Guidance

Scope of the CBA in the framework of the CEF transport

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ISSN 978-92-9208-115-7, PDF EF-01-22-059-EN-N, DOI 10.2840/218960
Datum objave
4 marec 2022
Evropska izvajalska agencija za podnebje, infrastrukturo in okolje


This note provides 3 objective guiding principles that will help you identify the most appropriate scope for your cost-benefit analysis:

  1. Establishing the self-sufficient unit of analysis as the principle to define the minimal scope of the cost-benefit analysis.
  2. Adjusting the scope of the analysis, considering necessary and inter-related components.
  3. Adding elements such as the direct effects and the broader network effects.
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CBA Guidance
(4 MB - PDF)