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European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

Investment areas

Projects must benefit a region covered by an approved Territorial Just Transition Plan and relate to the following sustainable investment areas:

  • investments in renewable energy and green and sustainable mobility, including the promotion of green hydrogen 
  • efficient district heating networks
  • public research
  • digitalisation
  • environmental infrastructure for smart waste and water management
  • sustainable energy, energy efficiency and integration measures, including renovations and conversions of buildings
  • urban renewal and regeneration
  • the transition to a circular economy
  • land and ecosystem restoration and decontamination, taking into account the ‘polluter pays’ principle
  • biodiversity, as well as
  • up-skilling and re-skilling, training, and
  • social infrastructure, including care facilities and social housing.

Investments in other sectors may also be eligible for funding if they are in line with the approved Territorial Just Transition Plans.

The following sectors are excluded from the scope of the JTM Public Sector Loan Facility support:

  • decommissioning or the construction of nuclear power stations
  • manufacturing, processing and marketing of tobacco and tobacco products
  • help to undertakings in difficulty, as defined in point (18) of Article 2 of Commission Regulation 651/2014, unless authorised under temporary State aid rules established to address exceptional circumstances or under de minimis aid to support investments reducing energy costs in the context of the energy transition process
  • investments related to the production, processing, transport, distribution, storage or combustion of fossil fuel

Territorial Just Transition Plans

The public sector loan facility intends to increase public sector investments which address the development needs of the territories identified in the Territorial Just Transition Plans (TJTPs). Therefore, the project activities must benefit a territory covered by an approved Territorial Just Transition Plan.

TJTPs are prepared by EU Member States as part of their cohesion policy programmes. They include an outline and timeline for the transition process until 2030 and 2050, and identify the eligible territories expected to be most negatively impacted by this transition. TJTPs also set out the social, economic, and environmental challenges stemming from the phasing out of fossil fuel-related activities or decarbonisation of greenhouse gas-intensive processes or products.

The Just Transition Platform website keeps track of the adoption of the Territorial Just Transition Plans.

Information about the Territorial Just Transition Plans is also published by the Member States on the relevant websites.

Information about the individual Territorial Just Transition Plans can be found in the map below.

Explore eligible JTF territories