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Graphene-based solution for tackling oil spills

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The project aimed at upgrading the production and commercialization of Grafysorber®, an innovative graphene-based product for use as an oil adsorbent in the case of accidental oil spills. It replaces traditional unecological and ineffective absorbents and dispersants and enables re-use of the recovered oil.

The Grafysorber® adsorbent is obtained from natural graphite through a patented production process. It has a very high and fast adsorption capacity for oils and hydrocarbons - 24 kg can effectively adsorb up to 2 tonnes of oil. It is completely recyclable and guarantees the recovery of adsorbed oils through different methods. It thus greatly reduces the amount of waste deriving from oil spill clean-up activities. Apart from oil spills clean-up, the product is suitable for water decontamination in oil & gas treatment plants, where its efficiency, versatility and compatibility with other additives to improve water clarification is greatly valued. It enables the carrying out of treatments that are not conventionally performed.

The product was invented by the technological company Directa Plus through adaptation of its patented G+® Technology. The EU funding for its commercialization was released between 2013–2015. Since then, it has become a significant part of the company’s product portfolio and is being developed further.


20 DECEMBER 2023