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LIFE LiBat virtual open day 

A LIFE LiBat virtual open day is scheduled for 24 June.  

The event will include a presentation of the project and the main results achieved. 

Read the full programme here.

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LIFE16 ENV/IT/000389
LIFE16 ENV/IT/000389. All rights reserved. Licensed to the European Union under conditions.

The LIFE LiBat team has built a prototype plant for recycling primary lithium batteries, which allows lithium and manganese products to be recovered separately. By demonstrating the potential of increasing the recycling efficiency of primary lithium batteries, the project helps reduce the waste fraction destined for landfill or incineration, which is in line with the Waste Framework Directive and the Landfill Directive. It also contributes to the Circular Economy Action Plan since the recovered elements can be transformed into secondary raw materials.