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New EU aviation research project with key Ukrainian partners takes off

The EUR 3.8 million project will investigate new technologies for greener aviation.

Kick off meeting for new EU civil aviation research project

A successful kick-off meeting of the EFACA ("Environmentally Friendly Aviation for all Classes of Aircraft”) project was held in Brussels on 12 January. Funded by Horizon Europe, the EU’s large-scale programme for research and innovation, this new civil aviation research project involves three important Ukrainian partners – Antonov (manufacturer of the world’s biggest aircraft), Ivchenko Progress (a well-known manufacturer of 80,000 engines) and CEPA (Centre of Environmental Problems of the Airports).

The goal of the project is to investigate new technologies for 'greening' aviation and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of aircraft, ultimately driving towards a more sustainable future for European aviation. The €3.8 million project is led by Portuguese consulting company, PEDECE, specialised in advanced technologies with a focus on aeronautics and space. In addition to the three Ukrainian organisations, EFACA unites a further seven European partners to work together towards this goal over the next four years.

Aligning with EU goals

Aviation is one of the fastest-growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions, which is why the EU is taking action to reduce aviation emissions in Europe and working with the international community to develop measures with global reach. To achieve climate neutrality, the European Green Deal sets out the need to reduce transport emissions by 90% by 2050 (compared to 1990-levels). The aviation sector has a key role to play to contribute to the reduction.


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