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Renewable Energy Financing Mechanism Technology specific - Solar PV

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Datum objave
18. april 2023
Datum začetka
Vrsta roka
Datumski rok
27. september 2023, 17.00 (CEST)


On the basis of Member States’ expression of interest and binding commitments, CINEA has opened the first-ever cross-border tender for renewables on 18 April. The call will close on 27 of September. For this call, Luxembourg will participate as a contributing country, voluntarily contributing EUR 40 million to the mechanism. Finland will be the hosting country.

The call will support new solar PV projects located in Finland with a minimum capacity of 5 MW and a maximum of 100 MW. The total capacity of the call is expected to be 400 MW.

Check the call for proposals in the Funding & Tenders Portal