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European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

Studies for Acorn CO2 SAPLING


The CO2 SAPLING project is the transportation infrastructure component of the Acorn full chain Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) project. CO2 SAPLING Project aims to establish a transportation infrastructure capable of delivering large amounts of CO2 from emission sources around the North Sea for permanent sequestration in deep geological storage sites located beneath the North Sea. The CO2 SAPLING project will use existing North Sea gas pipelines that are no longer required for petroleum use as a dedicated transportation infrastructure for captured CO2. In addition to the support to developing key European CO2 transportation infrastructure, the project will also provide a model and template for similar hubs in Europe and elsewhere.

This EU Project of Common Interest (PCI) received CEF Energy funding for its technical feasibility study. The study identified costs, technical issues and risks associated to the CO2 transport infrastructure and has developed a model for its technical and commercial operability. Thanks to the study's results and the pre-project engineering (also co-funded by CEF), the PCI moved to the next stage, i.e. final investment decision for the core transport infrastructure.

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