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Design Tools for Ocean Energy Systems Innovation.


The DTOceanPlus project aimed at developing and demonstrating an open source, integrated suite of second-generation design tools for ocean energy technologies including sub-systems, energy capture devices and arrays.

The developed tools continue providing scientific and technological breakthrough potential for the ocean energy sector. The open-source nature of DTOceanPlus suite of tools will allow to different stakeholders involved in the ocean energy sector to generate designs for innovative ocean energy technologies and deployments. These designs are optimised for a wide variety of key metrics including lifetime costs, reliability, availability, maintainability, survivability, performance, environmental impact and socio-economic impact. They also balance technological and financial risks, which in combination with greatly improved cost effectiveness, ensure that ocean energy technologies become significantly more commercially attractive.

The demonstration cases of integrated design software tools for wave and tidal energy have run successfully, showcasing the applicability of the developed tools for concept generation and selection, technology development and farm deployment and optimization. Furthermore, DTOceanPlus has analysed the funding required to reduce the costs of ocean energy, using both technology push and market pull mechanisms. The balance between these types of funding policies were explored with the overall balance of cost and benefits. Furthermore, the effect of the overall legal institutional and political frameworks considering nine European countries involved with ocean energy were analysed. Details of the findings of these analyses and other project results as well as the open-source software suit are publically available in the project results section.

The DTOceanPlus project is mentioned explicitly in the latest update (2020) of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for Ocean Energy agenda of the European Technology and Innovation Platform for ocean energy (ETIP Ocean) of the SET Plan.

See the EU factsheet for more information.




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