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Social sciences and Humanities in energy research CORDIS Result Pack brochure

Innovation in clean energy technology is integral to achieving the EU’s ambitious goal of being carbon neutral by 2050 - but to be ultimately successful, the EU must take a holistic approach, accounting for social innovation and participation of all.


PDF ZZ-AK-20-024-EN-N, ISBN 978-92-78-42354-4, DOI 10.2830/78700
Publication date
30 October 2020 (Last updated on: 31 August 2021)
Directorate-General for Research and Innovation


Cordis Results Packs are multilingual collections of up-to-date articles that focus on a specific theme, bringing you results that you can apply in your domain.

Social sciences and Humanities in energy research cordis pack results


15 OCTOBER 2020
CORDIS Result Pack on Social Sciences and Humanities in energy research
(3.23 MB - PDF)